Moonflower 8oz candle

Welcome Back Teenies!🥹👋🏾

Hey there Teenies,

It has been a while since we've been active with the public. First and foremost, thanks for sticking it out and being supportive during our absence. Life was life-ing for your girl. Battling PTSD, grief, depression, and a few health scares has not been easy, if I must say so myself. I decided to r to school to pursue one of my lifelong goals of becoming an Accountant. Whew, this is an adventure, for sure! Working full-time and being a full-time single parent while attending school full-time on-campus and online was not where I could have imagined myself, but here I am, killing it! But enough about me, I'm glad to be bringing back the candles you all love.

We're bringing the scents you love and new ones you will enjoy. We have carpet deodorizers to go hand in hand with your fave candle for a wonderfully aromatic experience. We also have an outstanding rewards program that gives you points that can be used for purchase discounts. We love your suggestions for new products, scents, and service options. So, please don't be shy; message us anytime!

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