you deserve happiness and candles

Happiness In A Jar

At O’steen Candle Co we strive to make candles that fill your home with warm and sensational scents. We pride ourselves on delivering quality aroma with clean burning qualities. To achieve this we use pure soy wax and eco-friendly wicks with tested and proven clean fragrance oils or 100% essential oils.

A Woman and Her Dream

O'steen Candle Co was developed by Indrea O’steen, a widowed single mother with a big love for candles. The inspiration to build the brand was sparked by the comfort and enlightenment she always had for candles but fueled more by the connection to comfort after the significant loss of her life partner. Indrea first learned to make candles at nine years old after receiving a candle crafting kit as a birthday gift.

Throughout the duration of life candles have always been a must have addiction. Candles have many different uses and purposes. Often candles are used as reminders of those no longer here with us, home decor, light source and of course aroma therapy.

Scent has been connected with emotions and memories so Indrea’s belief is that every candle blended and poured in her small batches will bring you the comfort and connection to peace we all deserve. Taking you to that happy place you desire.

With every ounce of love we have for candles and life, we have poured it into our candles and hope that you enjoy the trip down memory lane or the mental vacation to your favorite place. At O’steen Candle Co we know,